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About Dog Ed

About Dog Ed

My business name says a lot about what I am passionate about. Education is the key to understanding how dogs think, learn and behave.

Training needs to be fun and uncomplicated for both you and your dog. Understanding modern science-based positive training methods will help you build a long-lasting bond with your dog.

I love teaching owners how to communicate with their dog to shape and reinforce wanted behaviours or to change unwanted ones. Positive, gentle, reward training methods gives your dog the best chance to learn and behave in a manner that is good for them and us.

Private Consultations

Private one on one training consultations are also available for puppies and dogs of all ages.

There are many reasons why a class environment may not suit all owners and dogs.

In home consultations are beneficial as specific behavioural needs can be identified and training plans tailored to suit each individual dog’s needs in your own environment. This can include basic training strategies as well as more complex behaviour modification issues.

Please contact Stephanie for more information and price list.

Did you know that by 16 weeks of age your puppy has already learned a huge amount about life?

Social and behavioural patterns have already been shaped and experiences learned can influence the way your puppy behaves for life.

Both wanted and unwanted!

Puppyhood is an exciting and sometimes challenging time. It is an extremely important stage of development for a puppy. Early socialisation in a positive environment is crucial for your puppy to enable it to behave and respond in a normal and acceptable manner.

Baby Puppy Classes 8 – 16 Weeks

Content covered in class:

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Relaxed, calm, engaging behaviours through positive reinforcement training and conditioning

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Toilet training

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

House training

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes


Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes


Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes


Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Play biting/mouthing

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Happy to be alone time

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes


Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Early detection of fear/stress/reactivity

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Problem-solving for behaviours such as barking, digging, jumping, attention-seeking and excitability

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Basic training behaviours such as sit, drop, follow my hand, come and swap (give)

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

More complex behaviours such as loose lead walking, stay, wait, reliable recall

Dog Ed Baby Puppy Classes

Introducing techniques on how to include distance, duration and distractions.

Class Locations


73 Gymea Bay Road
Gymea Bay NSW
9523 5500


2/82 Captain Cook Drive
Caringbah NSW
9525 7765

Classes are 1 hour and run for 4 weeks.

Class availability and time varies depending on client suitability.

All puppies need to have had their vaccinations and proof on arrival to class.

Private consultations are available if a class environment does not suit you or your puppy or if you need extra assistance with behavioural or training issues.

Home visits are also available for adult dogs.

Please contact Stephanie for price list.