Did you know that by
16 weeks of age your puppy has already learned
a huge amount about life?

Social and behavioural patterns have already been shaped

and experiences learned can influence the way your puppy

behaves for life.

Both wanted and unwanted!

Puppyhood is an exciting and sometimes challenging time. It is
an extremely important stage of development for a puppy. Early
socialisation in a positive environment is crucial for your puppy to
enable it to behave and respond in a normal and acceptable manner.

education and training using positive
methods for positive results
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For all enquiries and booking please contact Stephanie on 0423 280 045 or stephanie@doged.com.au. Bookings are essential.
DogEd is run by a DELTA qualified professional trainer, Member of the APDT, The Pet Profesiional Guild, qualified Vet Nurse, Tafe Instructor and Puppy School Trainer with over 15 years experience.